Episode Two



Vecinos is currently in the pre-production phase.  We are gathering resources for our travel and currently living in the Detroit area.  Our plan is to leave Detroit in mid August and heading north towards the upper peninsula of Michigan after exploring the area which we call home.

Among a myriad of other reasons, something unique of this film is that it will be produced in transit during an extended road trip through five countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala).  We are filming on a Samsung Galaxy s7 as well as a Gopro Hero4 Black.  Editing will be done using Adobe Premiere and a small collection of Android apps.


The idea first came to us during a trip through Central America earlier this year and we have come to call Guatemala our prospective new home.  To say that we fell in love with the country is an understatement as we have discovered a world of knowledge and beauty that provides us with limitless inspiration.  We would like to explore these different cultures and (hopefully) find a way to share our own culture while reminding the audience that we are all members of this great community called ‘The Americas’.  The word Vecinos is Spanish for ‘Neighbors’ and carries a deep meaning to us as we view the land which we call home as collective diversity, something which should be celebrated.


We would like the viewer to feel as if he or she has been invited to a special event where they are a guest at their neighbors house (i.e. food, music, tradition and celebration) and before long we believe we can inform the world that we are members of a similar community.  We each have our cultural identities which our families have brought to the Americas long ago and we would like to use this opportunity to share some of these delights and curiosities with the world.